FAQ  frequently asked questions

Yes! At the moment it is available in English, Spanish, Catalonian, Italiano, Deutsch, Russian, and more. We are working to have all documents translated with the best possible quality.
implexa is not a desktop software, and for now it is not a native application for a mobile device or tablet (Android, iOS). It is a web application (WebApp) that works in web browser with internet connection to the implexa server.
The requirements are really simple. To use implexa only a compatible web browser and an internet connection is required. implexa is programmed with AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3. I recommend you use a browser that is 100% compatible with these standards, for example the last version of Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. I do not recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is not 100% compatible.
For your part, it also requires a stable and good internet connection. For mine, It is important to do everything possible so host is very reliable and extremely fast.
implexa works on multiple devices and operating systems (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS). The user interface is adaptive to your screen's resolution.
implexa is a educational software or supply chain simulation game, which has been designed to be used as a complement to their classes by professors; in lessons of University Masters, MBA (not in first courses).
If you are interested and you are a professor (or a professional who teaches) please contact. I'll tell you personally how. But first, read on to learn more about the user license.
If you are a student and you want implexa be used in your favorite classroom, you can suggest to your professor to visit this page.
Know that implexa is an educational project that improves every day, thanks to the collaboration of its users (students and professors). Any ideas, improvement suggestions, or bug detected can send it for review. If possible, be solved or implemented in the next available version. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
No. implexa is not free software (or gratis). This is an educational project that aims to survive and improve through funding of its users. So you have to pay a license to use implexa.
I guarantee that all revenue will be used to (1) pay domain and servers, (2) offer students scholarships, which help to improve implexa's source code (solving bugs and adding some of your ideas and improvement suggestions).
If you are interested, please contact. I will tell you more about the user licence and price.
If your network infrastructure is fast enough you should not encounter any problems accessing or playing as I have tested on many reliable and fast servers.
However, my advice is that the student group is limited. Few levels and few students per group will help to better understand the performance of the supply chain, better operations management, to communicate, to interpret the bullwhip effect, etc.
I do several practice sessions with few students and experience works very well.
You can can play implexa with one person. But to create a supply chain (managed by communicated people) should at least have 2 or 3 players. From there, you can model and simulate different supply chains according to your group size.
It is not necessary that the number of students match a specific number, you can always add suppliers 'robot' (managed automatically by the computer) or a pair of students sharing a computer if you prefer. In addition, a student can play the role of 'observer' and that will be moving around the room watching and recording what they find interesting. Have a lot of flexibility to use implexa in your classes.
No. implexa is a real time game where players make decisions and act simultaneously. No need to wait for a player to perform an action.
From admin panel, easily you can setup all the game.
The parameters that can be customized are: the match time, the name and number of companies, the supply network, fixed and variable costs (purchasing, production, storage, service), lead-times (orders, production, service), the currency used, initial inventory (raw materials, finished product), the demand curve, production capacity, etc.
Of course, the professor and students have full access to all results (cost, service level, average inventory, production, orders, etc.), as well as the bullwhip effect measurement. The results are shown both in graphics format such as tables. The results can be exported to be processed in spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.
Several ways: searching implexa in my (spanish only) blog, including implexa feed to your favorite RSS news reader, following the hashtag #implexa in twitter (please, share your #implexa experiences).
You can use materials of any kind (documents, videos, images, screenshots, graphs, tables of results and data) provided by implexa or hosted on this website to create and distribute your own materials and derivatives documents. The only condition is that we must reference implexa and its author properly in your documents and materials. For example, using this citation style:

Rodríguez, A. Implexa [on-line]. Version 2.0, Alcoy, 2014. http://www.implexa.net