videos about implexa experience

Here are some demonstration videos. In them, you can see the implexa's experience. You are invited to share your videos.

  logistics simulation multiplayer game

02/07/2013 | A. Rodríguez

In this short introductory video you can see a demonstration of implexa. So you can get an idea of ​​its use, make its user interface, and its main functions. In the following videos you can find more information and some interesting details about the user experience.

  bullwhip effect

05/07/2013 | A. Rodríguez

In this second video shows how several players simulate a small supply chain. The decisions and actions of purchase, storage, production and service of each is being recorded; to analyze in real time (and beyond) the bullwhip effect.

  experience with students

04/10/2013 | A. Rodríguez

This third video summarizes the experience with students of University Master of Logistics Engineering and Logistics (MUIOL) at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). The video shows how the activity is organized in two rounds of implexa (unshared and then sharing information among companies in the supply chain). Analyze the results of the first round is useful to define common goals, tactics and operations information exchange. At the end of the activity, we discuss the findings and results. Finally, each team of students must write a detailed report.

  Alejandro Rodríguez interview in TV-A

19/02/2014 | TV-A

Here is the Alejandro Rodriguez interview made for TV-A, who answers questions like What is implexa? What is it for? What was the motivation for its creation? What students learn with implexa?. Hope you like it.

  News in UPV TV

21/02/2014 | UPV TV

implexa was highlighted news of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Here's the video where Alejandro Rodríguez explains how was the experience, what it is implexa and importance of playful learning.

  "from classroom to classroom"

07/10/2014 | EPSA

This is a new mini video-reports on the activities of our Campus. We went into one MUIOL's classroom, where Professor Alejandro Rodríguez Villalobos taught implexa experience.

  Simulador de cadena de suministros implexa

18/03/2015 | Universidad Mondragon-UCO (México)

Students at Mondragon-UCO University in Mexico already have ready implexa's supply chain simulator. Prof. Adrian Calcaneo, the Director of International Business talks about how they will use the software.

  The implexa experience with Erasmus students.

23/06/2015 | A. Rodríguez

Three Erasmus students, tell us in first person how was the implexa experience.

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