about implexa

I am a professor who has decided to create a game called implexa to enhance the experience of teaching for lectures and learning for my students. It is a project that aims to improve over time with thanks to the collaboration and experiences of a growing community of students and lectures who are passionate about logistics.

implexa is an educational tool that allows to teach in a funny and exciting way 'how complex' is the supply chain management (SCM).

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Prof. Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez

idea, design and original code


In 1997 I started my teaching and research work as a professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Here I shared the best of me, I worked hard on getting the most from my teaching. I was adament that the learning of my students was a full experience, professional, human and full of current knowledge and at the same time useful, fun and unforgettable. I am always thinking and developing new ways of learning-by-doing and I hope implexa fulfills this purpose.

Eng. Adrián García

programming and code optimization


I am passionate about new technologies and web applications development. I am always searching and learning new techniques and methods to create interesting projects that people like. implexa is a great challenge for me as it represents the first teaching app I create. My hope is that students have an experience that will help them improve their knowledge and skills.

implexa has been translated into different languages thanks to the collaboration of: Fabio Comer (italian), Leonid Drost (german and russian), Leonardo Costi (french and portuguese), Jinyang Kent Guo and Marcos Carbonell (chinese).

Apologies: Articles written in Spanish. Follow the link to read in English thanks to Google Translator.

inspired by the 'beer game'

In the 60's, the Beer Game was created as a simulation tool in the MIT Sloan School of Management to demonstrate and learn the basics of supply chain management.


record and analysis of the bullwhip effect

You can create a linear supply chain, or tree, where some players are human and others are robots (computer).


experience with students

Students will have to develop some kind of tactic for the integrated management of the supply chain. They may also agree on objectives and policies for the purchase, storage, production and service. In the second round they can share information between them.


implexa 2.0 #morethanbeergame

In the new implexa version 2.0 we have not made any changes on the game itself but what we have done is focused our attention on the benefits for the professor. Giving them a flexible and easy to setup tool with many opportunities for play and analysis.


Cafento put their trust into implexa to train their managers

Recently, I had the pleasure and opportunity to use implexa for training managers of 'Cafento company', with the aim of extending the idea to other companies interested. I invite you to read this article.


implexa also available in English

implexa keeps improving every day, starting today it is a multi-language application (Spanish and English, but in the future we will be adding some more languages). So, implexa becomes accessible to new users around the world that can learn supply chain management in a fun and exciting way. What are you waiting to join the implexa’s experience?


Toulouse Business School uses implexa in one of its prestigious international masters

MSc. Supply Chain and Lean Management (SCALE) students from Toulouse Business School have used implexa in Quantitative Models and Simulation course.


Tecnologico de Monterrey trust implexa for training students

This week has formalized the agreement that allow Logistics students from ITESM, to learn advanced management concepts of supply chain integration.


The University of Colima uses implexa for training foreign trade

Students of the Faculty of Foreign Trade - Colima University, learning advanced management concepts and integration of the supply chain by using implexa.


Universidad Austral of Chile will use implexa

I have the great pleasure of welcoming the implexa experience to students from the Universidad Austral of Chile - Puerto Montt.


你好 implexa – 歡迎物流的挑戰

implexa the supply chain simulation game in real time speaks Chinese. Every day more languages are supported by implexa: Spanish and Catalan, English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Russian and now Chinese.


implexa – visualizing the real-time SCM

I offer a preview of next release 3. This is a very interesting and novel function that displays in real time all activity of the supply chain.


implexa v. 3

The new version 3 of implexa is now available. It has been the fruit of several months of work and of the ideas accumulated during the experience of use in these early years. Thanks to our users for their collaboration and trust. You have already seen your copy of implexa updated without loss of data and without doing anything.


implexa v.3 - more than beergame

The new version of implexa v.3 has arrived in classrooms. Today we were able to use the new functions and analysis that incorporates the new version of implexa. One of the main new features is the ability to view real-time activity of all actors in the supply chain.


The San Carlos University of Guatemala will use implexa

We welcome the students of the San Carlos University of Guatemala. They will soon be able to enjoy with implexa in their classrooms.